Cooking pots ENAMEL "Princ"

Cooking pots ENAMEL "Princ"

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- Deep pot ENAMEL 20 cm., 4.4 l. with lid
- Deep pot ENAMEL 24 cm, 5.3 l. with lid
- Shallow pot ENAMEL 24 cm., 7.5 l. with lid

Metalac has 60 years of history, experience and traditions in the production of enameled steel cookware. Metalac dishes are known in Europe as enameled dishes of the highest quality. They are part of households in more than 25 countries. With quality, modern design and various shapes, they are constantly gaining new fans.
Why to  choose enamel Metalac cookware for our home?
Enameled dishes combine the good and useful traditions, established over the years in generations of households, with the modern way and feeling of life, as they are made in modern fresh designs and forms.
- We cook healthily
Enamel provides the healthiest environment for preparing and storing our food. Only in glass and enameled containers with a strong coating, we can be sure that harmful particles will not pass into our food. It is important to know that in Teflon, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other types of containers we should not store foods with high acidity (eg with tomato content), because these materials are easily oxidized and this impairs the quality and taste of the food. 
- We save electricity
Enamel is a good conductor of heat, in combination with thick-walled steel, which retains heat for a long time, we have a dish with an efficient slow cooking system. Enameled dishes save electricity during cooking. Even after switching off the hob / oven, the cooking process continues.
- Universal dishes in our kitchen
They are suitable for all types of hobs - electric, gas, ceramic, induction. For optimal energy savings, it is recommended to use a hob with a diameter approximately the same as the diameter of the bottom of the pan. When cooking on a gas hob, it is advisable to limit the gas flame to the size of the bottom of the pan. The hard enamel coating allows the use of any utensils during cooking.
- Easy to clean
They can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.
- There is no risk of allergic reactions
- They do not change their qualities
The enamel does not change its qualities and appearance during and after cooking, neither under the influence of temperature, nor from the different colors of the ingredients of the dish, even during long-term storage of food. It is not recommended to cook food in these dishes (as in any other) at a temperature above 250 degrees Celsius. The high temperature may affect the structure of the material and destroy the beneficial properties of nutrients.
- We take care of nature
When we use enamel we also take care of nature. All containers and packaging are made from materials that are recyclable.
How to store and maintain our Metalac enamel containers for long-term use?
• Do not heat an empty enameled container - this may damage the enameled surface
• When using induction hobs, enamelled cookware heats up very quickly, so do not leave them unattended.
• If an empty container heats up, wait for it to cool before placing it cold so that the enamel is not damaged
• Containers with bakelite or wooden handles should not be exposed to open flame because they are easily flammable
• Glass and enameled lid with plastic grip and thermometer should not be placed in the oven.
• Can be cleaned with all available dishwashing detergents as well as in the dishwasher. If there is burnt food on the bottom of the dish, pour hot water and wait, then clean with a kitchen sponge
• In case of accumulated scale, use a 1: 1 solution of water and vinegar for easier removal
• Do not use enameled dishes in the microwave

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